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Oreos: Dessert or Makeup?

Noorjahan Sheikh, Editor

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Imagine using oreos to thicken and darken your lashes? Does it sound innovative or outright strange? Youtuber Katherine Ward posted a video explaining how to make homemade mascara from oreos.


It does sound strange; however, this video has 1.1 million views on it. Smarter viewers would know that this “hack” is bad because it would lead to eye infections; however, many of her younger viewers went ahead and tried the do-it-yourself anyway. These unknowing victims reported eye and skin irritation alongside pretty bad eye infections!


Why would anyone put oreos on their eyelashes when they could put the oreos in their mouths instead?


Some people are probably wondering: If oreos are safe to eat then they should be safe to come into contact with skin, right? Well, no, or at least there are a lot of complications. Makeup, especially eye makeup, goes through plenty of testing and is regulated to ensure that it is safe to put on eyes. Oreos go through their own taste and quality testings, but no one ensures that these are safe to come near any pair of eyes! Oreos have ingredients such as leavening agents and salt that can cause burning sensations and lead to rashes and eye infections.


Others believe that making their own mascara is cheaper; however, it is actually far more expensive than a good quality mascara! An average size of oreos costs approximately three dollars at Wal-Mart, whereas an eyes-lips-face (e.l.f.) cosmetics mascara costs only one dollar. E.l.f. Is a great company known to have quality products for usually three dollars or less! On its website, their mascaras have over four out of five star ratings.


The process to make the DIY mascara also takes some time, approximately 5 minutes, so it is not ideal for someone who is doing their makeup when they are already an hour late for an event!


People are always looking for tricks and tips on how to get a flawless look without breaking their budgets. Finding quality makeup can be a task that ends up being both difficult and pricey, and many people cannot afford to buy a thirty dollar mascara every few weeks or months.


While there are some genius DIY’s out there, replacing regular mascara with an oreo-based one is a total flop. Besides, the results are not that great anyway. The oreo mascara looks like crumbs on top of eyelashes, nothing more. Not to mention, this mascara would also wipe off easily.


If you’re looking for a cheap mascara, go on elf’s website right now and buy yourself a one dollar mascara!

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  1. Emmanuel on November 21st, 2017 10:41 am

    I liked the idea of this article plus it’s very interesting it was very well written which made it easy to understand and i would interested if more articles like this came out

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Oreos: Dessert or Makeup?