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This Is No Football Fantasy

Majors Keep up the Winning Streak

Celeste Restuccio, Editor

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Mount Vernon Majors are 5-0! Wakefield HS pushed hard but our mighty majors persevered. Within the first few minutes in the game, Mount Vernon scored a touchdown. The roar of cheering carried throughout the room.  Mount Vernon Football team hasn’t been 5-0 since 1986. This year Mount Vernon has so much pride. Joshua Henry says,” It feels amazing and feels different….it’s something new that we have brought to the school.”

GP    TD rush     TD rec     TD FR      TD IR       TD PR           TD KOR        Total         TD/G

1              J. Henry (Sr)       5              1                                                                                              1              0.2

2              D. Newton (Sr)  5              3              6                                                              1              10           2.0

8              J. Lewis (Sr)        4              1                                                                                              1              0.3

9              D. Jones (So)      1                              1                                                                              1              1.0

10           T. Heltzel (Sr)     5              3                                                                                              3              0.6

11           D. Burke (Sr)      4                              3                                                                              3              0.8

15           K. Kwarteng (Jr)                3              3                                                                                              3              1.0

21           J. Reid (So)          5              7              3                                                                              10           2.0

43           S. Davis (Jr)         4                                                                              1                              1              0.3

81           A. Mack (Jr)        2              1                                                                                              1              0.5

Looking good Mount Vernon Football. Keep up the hustle.


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4 Responses to “This Is No Football Fantasy”

  1. Derek Amissah on October 16th, 2017 6:15 pm

    I agree with this article, our Mount Vernon majors have improved dramastically.They have putten hope and pride right back into the students hearts.With the great run of form we the students have no reason not to believe we can do great things this fall.I am more than ever happy to show my school spirit outside of school.In conclusion our great start to the football season has propelled the whole school in the right direction.

  2. Samuel Boateng on October 18th, 2017 10:16 am

    5-0 hasn’t felt more better ! Last year the majors didn’t do so hot, barely making the playoffs we lost the first round to Centreville. I remember coach Fritts exact words when we lost , he said ” we are gonna get way better in the off season and put MV back on the map”and its definitely showing this year with a 5-0 start. I cant wait to see what the majors have in store!

  3. Derick Sarpong on October 18th, 2017 10:24 am

    5-0 huh?? That’s amazing! The Mount Vernon Majors have not had a winning season since 1986! After reading this article, the confidence that was lost years ago, has finally come back! Most people use to not like speaking about our football team, but ever since coach Fritts came, he gave us hope and helped us believe that we truly are the best team on the highway. I truly believe coach Fritts was sent from God, because Mount Vernon has had a lot of talent over the years, but we needed a coach like Monty Fritts to bring us all together and make this a team game again. One day I know all the hatred and doubt on the Mount Vernon Majors will wash away. I would like to thank God and the coaching staffs. The next few years of Mount Vernon football should be pretty interesting…

  4. Eshawn Hudson on October 18th, 2017 1:33 pm

    I really enjoyed this article, the Mount Vernon Majors football team behind head coach Monty Fritts defeated Wakefield high school to obtain their first 5-0 start since 1986. Their start to the season has greatly lifted the spirts and hope around school along with the community. The Majors have put in the work and are now getting the results they wanted. The 5-0 start has given the Majors high expectations to continue to improve each week and eventually win the district championship.

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