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We Got Spirit… Yes We Do!

Asya Jones, Staff Writer

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Spirit week is an event that gives a sense of unity to a school body. For spirit week, students dress up in school colors, participate in creative events, and dress according to themed events.

High schools have taken this tradition and added a new little twist every year.

The Homecoming theme at Mount Vernon this year was Fright Night, as Halloween was right around the corner. The week was filled with Halloween themed days, a parade, and the annual pep rally to end off the school week right before the big game.

Teacher Mr. Roache felt “It fit well with the Halloween being near. I thought it went well,” and Ms. Wray agreed wholeheartedly.

There were a lot of mixed reviews from teachers and students on how they felt about the theme.

Senior Hunter Dale said “It was unoriginal to me. It felt plain.”

On the other hand, Senior Christopher Hoseck stated, “It was a interesting take on a classic theme.”

Beginning the week, Mount Vernon hosted a parade to show off clubs, sports teams, and the SGA, as well as to show off MVHS school spirit. The parade this year was relatively short but student clubs still followed the themed cars from the back of the school to the football field. Dr. Terrell waved from a black convertible and Junious got their ‘vamp’ on. The band, ROTC, and many other clubs walked with banners and promoted their organizations while throwing candy to the excited crowds.

Sophomore Stephanie Agyemang-Manu said, “The parade could’ve been better, but It was still lit!”

Throughout the week, Mount Vernon had themed days so that students and teachers could show off their creativity and their school spirit. The SGA worked hard to come up with some inspiring and fun themes including Pajama Day, Twin Day, Black Out, and Tacky Day.

Friday rounded out with class themes, as freshman showed of their creepy clown outfits, sophomores transformed into wizards and witches, juniors went classic with vampires and werewolves, and the Seniors (foreshadowing their Senior Slump?) limped around as Zombies.

MVHS ended the school week with the annual pep rally, which was composed of fun games, class calls, a teacher flash mob, and entertaining performances. The pep rally gave the students an opportunity to make great memories at MVHS. It is sort of like a tradition for the seniors to take the win during spirit week.

Games like Hungry Hungry Ghost, where 2 students (boy and girl) from each class would go out and have one lay flat on a scooter, while the other holds up their feet. The objective of the game was to get as many balloons back to your side as possible.

Also, their was a competition where each class would send out the student with the oddest talent, to include a double jointed sophomore and a junior who could turn his head to a scary degree and laid down while drawing his legs all the way to his head!

Of, course at the end, the seniors came out victorious.

The 2017-2018 Homecoming spirit week was unique and full of fun. Can wait to see next year’s theme!


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2 Responses to “We Got Spirit… Yes We Do!”

  1. Jade Knudsen on November 21st, 2017 10:50 am

    The article has certainly grabbed my attention with its catchy title. If I weren’t at the pep rally, I would’ve certainly wished I was after reading about the oddest talents or the rally games.

  2. Racheal Appiah on December 1st, 2017 10:07 am

    I really enjoyed the pie in the face part and l cant wait for the next pep rally… but l just wished the pep rallies were like every month. I also cant wait for the teachers to do another dance and they also should try African dance too.

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We Got Spirit… Yes We Do!