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Behind Birdie: A Look at the new MVHS Theater show

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MVHS theater arts presented Bye Bye Birdie for their 2017-2018 production. The play is based on the life of Elvis Presley during the time he was drafted to fight in the Vietnam War.

Conrad Birdie, who is played by junior Ttendo Williams, is a rock star who was drafted into the war. Once his music manager, Albert Peterson, played by Samuel Zarek, heard word that Conrad was going to war he asked his secretary, Rose Alvarez, played by Maggie McClelland, to do something about the situation.

At first, Rosie refuses to help Albert because she is tired of Albert working for the music business, so she decides to quit, but Albert convinces Rosie to stay by offering to get out of the music business if she helps get the music business out of debt.

Rosie agrees and comes up with a zany plan that will make Conrad Birdie famous, and possibly the best singer anyone had ever seen.

The plan is to have Conrad kiss a girl before he departs for war and get a photo of it that will make women swoon and men want to be Conrad. The lucky girl is Kim MacAfee, played beautifully by Keeley Bryant.

Bryant was a wonderful actor and she sang beautifully; in fact, her voice was becoming hoarse during rehearsals, but she pulled through during opening night and hit every note. Props where also on top of their game; in every scene, there would be something amazing, like how Kim Macafee had a stuffed teddy bear and pictures of Conrad Birdie all over her room.

Everything was going smoothly during opening night, but as the first act was coming to an end, problems soon started to show.

“It was horrible and stressful,” said actor, Tanner Buggein.

Every actor was dancing and singing to “A Lot of Livin’ to Do,” but in the middle of the performance, Keeley Bryant fell. Actors around her were deeply worried, but they had to continue dancing and singing. Bryant was soon escorted outside the stage and the show continued on.

“It was absolute insanity!” Donovan Fisher exclaimed.

Bryant later stated that she dislocated her knee, so she popped it back in while she was on stage and continued the show like the incident never occurred. It is clear that this student is very passionate about theater arts and a true believer in the old adage: the show must go on!

Other problems that occurred during the play included when one of the periaktos almost fell apart. A periaktos is a three-sided triangle that has different scenery on each side. Kim’s room was connected to one of the periaktos, so if the periaktoi was not fixed then Kim would not be able to get into her room and part of the shows scenery would be missing. Tania Romero, the set head, rushed in like a true hero and broke apart the periaktoi to fix the problem, which she and her crew did in ten minutes.

“I was really stressed out because my design was not supposed to fall apart and I had to think of something quickly to fix it,” explained Romero.

Overall, the play was wonderful and amazing, it is a shame to those who had not seen it for they have missed out on a great show.

Marshall, Laura

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Behind Birdie: A Look at the new MVHS Theater show