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Islamophobia: Trump Supporters Ruin the Lives of Many Muslims

One Person Speaks Out


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Imagine being terrified to express who you really are. I feel this way sometimes when I go out now, and it is not because I am afraid of what other people think; It is because I am afraid for my safety.

Why should I be afraid?

I’m not a bad person, nor have I ever done anything to make others hate me.

I am afraid for my safety because people call me a terrorist, and that is a problem. I’m not a terrorist; I’m Muslim. Although that term is used to describe a religion, there is a strong negative connotation surrounding the word. I know I am not the only one who feels these emotions. I want to hide that part of myself because I am so worried about the harm that title, Muslim, might bring to me.

Although there is a rise in terrorism throughout the world, many people seem to believe everything that they hear. The false propaganda against Muslims increased with Donald Trump’s campaign. Throughout his treacherous campaign, he branded minorities, women, the LGBTQ community, and Muslims with negative connotations and poor treatment. He even suggested a ban on Muslims entering the United States because he believed each one of them could in some way may be a terrorist threat. He does not support refugees entering the United States for relief. His supporters have treated his words and campaign as welcome mat to be openly racist and hateful toward others that are not like them. With Donald Trump winning this election, many people now think it is okay to be Islamophobic. It terrible enough to call a stranger a terrorist; however, many of Trump’s extremist supporters have gone even further and on to extreme measures.

I personally have experienced this myself. When I am with my family and wearing my hijab, a headscarf, horrible things have happened. Imagine this: I am driving, and I come to a four way stop sign. My car is very rustic and small. In the back I have my baby siblings, a brother and a sister. I approach a four way stop sign, and it is my turn to go. Just as I am about to go, a truck driver does not stop and tries to hit my car. I then start spiraling into another person’s lane, and it is horrifying. Oh, but wait. It gets worse. They stay around until I finally get my car back into the lane to put their middle fingers up and say, “F**** you, f****** terrorist.” That day, I went home and cried. What if that truck hit my brothers and sisters? Incidents like this have happened to me three times in the past month. In a department store just recently, I was wearing my hijab and a woman remarked loudly, “Feels like 9/11 in here.”

There have also been reports and incidents about people who have had their hijabs ripped off of their heads. There have been reports about how individuals have tried to fight random Muslims, or just make them feel uncomfortable, simply because they are a Muslim. Is this really the world we want to raise our children in? Are these the values we want to teach them?

The actions of sick, cruel individuals who are actual terrorists should not be representative of the entire Muslim population. Wearing a hijab or a burqa does not make a woman a terrorist. Headscarves are present in various religions, such as nuns wearing habits, but Muslim women the only ones who are targeted for it.

Because of all of the hatred that has risen from Trump’s campaign trail and election-success, many people think it is alright to hate every Muslim person that they come in contact with.

Through Trump’s campaign, many stereotypes were propagated and supporters breathe it as the truth. For example, when people wearing turbans are in the public, many people will assume those people are Muslims and terrorists. Firstly, Muslims do not wear turbans. Sikhs do. Secondly, turbans are just accessories to Sikhs, as baseball caps are to Americans. There is no proven link between the turban and terrorism.

Stereotypes explode on social media because there is no fact checking. Anyone can post something to the internet and claim that it is true. Many believe what they see without delving further into the topic and researching it, even when it is totally false or made up. Many of Trump’s supporters believed everything that he said on twitter, and it became toxic. Hate spreads so quickly. Negative propaganda brainwashed followers, and now they don’t hesitate to show that hate to the world.

Terrorists come in many forms. What about the Ku Klux Klan? While they are considered a “hate group,” no one ever calls a member of that group a terrorist, even though they behave as such.

Since Trump was elected, he has changed his stance on some issues, but his many supporters still continue to spread hate and terrorize others. While would be hypocritical to state that not all Muslims are terrorists and then go on to say that all of Trump’s supporters are Islamophobic, the point is that Trump’s words are now costing many people their happiness and safety. Whatever he does over the next four years, nothing gets erased on the internet.

People are fueled by Trump’s rhetoric. Now that he is the President-elect, supporters feel as if they have received a warrant to openly express their hatred of others.

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One Response to “Islamophobia: Trump Supporters Ruin the Lives of Many Muslims”

  1. Areeba on November 22nd, 2016 11:19 pm

    I can relate to this because I also wear the hijab. Sometimes it is hard for any Muslim to find his or her place in this society, but we have to also consider that only God (Allah) can choose whatever is to come of our country.

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Islamophobia: Trump Supporters Ruin the Lives of Many Muslims