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Community Service Requirements Hours and Ideas for Service

Noorjahan Sheikh, Editor

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Looking for community service? Sometimes it is hard to find service hour opportunities. I, myself, am in fifteen different clubs and organizations this year. That sounds like a lot, but I actually put a lot of effort into each and every activity! Each year, I do near a hundred service hours. In this article, I will discuss how to get service hours for individual activities and the different types of requirements.

IB Students are required to reflect on seven CAS projects, relating to creativity and action. IB students need experiences, not hours. Students for the advanced diploma typically will need 50 hours of community service for the service cord and seal on their diploma. While these hours can be accumulated throughout one’s high school career, many may wait until the last minute and feel overwhelmed. Service hours can be completed throughout the school year, whether it be during school at major time, after school with clubs, or over the weekends and holidays. There are many clubs and organizations at Mount Vernon High School that require students to have completed a certain number of hours in order for seniors to receive a cord. It can be more overwhelming when these hours are specific to a certain subject. Something that is key to remember is that many clubs at Mount Vernon do not allow “double-dipping,” using community service hours for multiple clubs; however, there are some exceptions. For more information about IB community service hour requirements, go to


There are honor societies for just about every core subject in this building. For French honor society, there is typically no required amount of community service hours; however, there are plenty of opportunities for hours with this organization. Students can help with the French society’s homecoming parade float, and they can also help with French week. French Honor Society students can also help with the Multicultural festival. With French honor society, I was able to complete about three hours last year and three hours this year.


For art honor society, there are a few requirements. Every year of membership, students are required to complete eight art-related service hours. The Pyramid Art Show is an important event in which many students can complete the bulk of their hours in if they decide to wait. If a student is in an art class, they can ask their teachers to clean up and organize materials for service hours. The CSS department hosts art shows of their own, and students can ask art teachers within the CSS department for any roles that need to be filled. Personally, I have attended both of the art shows last year, and they were amazing! They were enlightening experiences that really lifted my spirits. While enjoying the show, I photographed all of the acts and the works presented. For the Pyramid Art Show, I always helped put art up and organize the elementary school art works. I completed more art hours last year than I needed, hitting ten hours last year. For more information, go to


For math honor society, the requirements are minimal! Although there are no specific number of service hours required, students are required to attend five meetings and help with three math Monday sessions throughout the year. Simple enough, right? For more information, go to


For science honor society, students are required to do five science related hours per semester, typically ten hours.  The science fair is an opportunity related to science that provides many students with community service hours. If some students are anxious to receive hours earlier, they can go to their science teachers. Some of the IB teachers have extensive labs that require lengthy clean-ups, so students can offer their assistance.  Students can also help their science teachers grade papers and create projects. For information, go to


For history honor society, ten community service hours are required. These service hours can be related to anything. Students can help with National History Day at Mount Vernon, which provides many hours.  Students can also participate in school-wide and class-wide mulch, Christmas tree, poinsettia, and mattress sales. These school-wide events are great opportunities to earn copious amounts of hours! History honor society students can also talk to their history and government teachers about earning hours through helping them; for example, they can earn service hours by grading papers. Last year, I collected over 10 hours through this club.


English honor society requires students to participate in ten service hours related to English in order to get the cord. An easy way to earn service hours is to attend the Writing Center, where students from NEHS help students with any type of English assignment. Students encouraged to come here to think of thoughts and ideas for their any of their papers, whether it be an essay or a lab report.

National Honor Society

National honor society is another group that requires community service. If there is ever a surplus of service hours completed from doing the above, they can go toward this club and fulfill the requirement for the cord. For more information, go to

Key Club

Still looking for hours? Key Club is an organization that is dedicated to giving back to the community. This year, students will have the chance to earn over 75 hours of community service. Ms. Dooley, this year’s amazing key club sponsor, wants everyone in Key Club to earn the black service learning cord and have an extra seal on their diploma. For more information, go to

Outside of School

Outside of school, there are a plethora of community service events! Students can pair with their churches or communal groups and participate in private community service projects. These types of projects can usually give more than just hours; they give experience. Service learning opportunities outside of school are usually more hands-on and can teach students a thing or two while they are volunteering. Students can also google “service project ideas,” or “community service projects near me” for broader projects going on around the area. These projects can help people learn about those in need while also giving students the chance to travel and explore the community that surrounds them.

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  1. Melissa Mentzel on November 21st, 2017 9:36 am

    I love your enthusiasm Noor! Students should also remember to log their hours on X2VOL, which is a program you can access through Blackboard->Family Connection->X2VOL. Hours logged on X2VOL can be verified by your supervisor/sponsor and then approved by your counselor to use towards a cord at graduation or the civic seal on your diploma. Pleases talk to your counselor for more details!

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Community Service Requirements Hours and Ideas for Service