Vernon Vine

Butterfly and the Bee

Ayana Nunn, Staff Writer

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I am the embodiment of kindness
Broken by the slightest touch
I am a warrior of peace
But can not be at ease
I bring peace where ever my soul may take
I am the healer of light
With my glass wings shining so bright
I am born from a rainbow
Where my path shall always glow
I am big, yet small

I am the embodiment of noise
I bring harm whenever I am touched
I am the worker of my queen
Work and work without moment’s stop
Buzz buzz as the rabbits hop
I’ve been dipped in paints of black and yellow
Sharpen by the strings of the cello
My wing are built from fire and steel
I am tiny, yet tall
My sounds are endless
But come to a halt

I am a happiness and I am pain
We are different
But the same
We are alike as two mirrors in one frame
We carry the offsprings of flowers
And sprinkle them down with rain
Our lives are short
Yet feels long
When times come
We are too far gone
I serve my queen and I serve my purpose
My wings shatter, my wings crumble
We lay side by side
Till we have no strength
As everything dies
There was a glow
A glow so bright
It started to snow

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Butterfly and the Bee