Vernon Vine

The Little Things in the World

Ayana Nunn, Staff Writer

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Something I have learned is for all of the things in this world
People desire more with everything
Nothing seems to fit their needs
Some desires will hide their guilt
While others tend to hide their pain or their hatred
Our lives are too short to have forgetful feelings
We must be willing to forgive
But never forget the importance of our problems
Do things that place a smile upon your face
Yet make a difference to others
We will all go through pain
We must be willing to travel down the rigorous road for happiness
For when guilt or hatred consumes you
Do not let it dictate your future
Do not let it control your life
Look around you
To see the little things
These are the things that cannot be seen
From a close minded person
These little things cannot be felt
by from a broken heart
Time is endless,
However not our lifes
For as little things may be
There is a huge meaning
Smile, let it curve upon your lips
Place a smile upon your face
Fore waking this morning
And being able to see tomorrow
Shows how little things really are

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The Little Things in the World