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2017 IB Internship

Kathryn Gailliot, Writer

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The 2016-17 school year is coming to a close, meaning the class of 2017 will soon be walking out of the doors of Mount Vernon forever. Some students are finishing up sooner than one might think.

Typically, senior exam week is June 9th-15th, but for the IB students, exams will be over before May 22nd. IB exams are in full effect with two tests running each day. Once students complete all of their required exams, the IB Internship begins.

The IB internship is for IB diploma candidates to gain work experience in the real world. The internship officially begins after the last IB Exam on May 19th, but if students complete all of their exams before that date, they are allowed to start early. This opportunity is seen as a “get out of jail free card” for the school year, but these internships require time and dedication from the students.

A few examples of the types of internships are Real Estate Marketer, ESOL Teacher, Veterinary Intern, and EPA Researcher.

Katie Hutchinson is completing her senior internship with real estate company Century 21 New Millennium. This is an experience to build her marketing skills for when she begins studying business at Virginia Tech this fall. Tasks that she will be assigned vary from creating a website and building relationships with clients. Hutchinson is excited to “learn how marketing works in the real world and how to apply what [she has] learned from marketing classes [she has] taken at MV.”

EPA has selected Camille Guzman for their summer internship program. The Internship will continue past graduation and act as a resume builder for Guzman’s future in Biomedical Engineering. Guzman recently committed to Northwestern University for biomedical engineering. She looks forward to “work in a professional environment, earn a wage, and take a break from school.”


Fourth quarter grades for these students are going to be a little different from the regular seniors. Since the interns will no longer be in school, the fourth quarter grades will consist of journal entries regarding their accomplishments throughout the internships. Each week, students will write a two page reflection on what they have gained from the internship and the send it to all of their teachers for them to grade.

The internship officially ends on June 9th right before senior week. After those three weeks of hard work the IB Seniors will join their fellow classmates for their senior trip and finally, their graduation from Mount Vernon High School.

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2017 IB Internship