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These are the best of times

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These are the best of times

Josslyn jimenez, staff writer

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Senior year is the most exciting and important school year of high school.  

When people say “high school goes by fast,” they aren’t joking.

It feels like yesterday that I was beginning my freshman year.

Graduating means you are moving up and on, that you made it through high school, that you accomplished something important.

Graduation isn’t the end, but the beginning of something new.

Therefore, celebrating the transition between teenager and young adult should be an impressive event. While MVHS does its best to make this a special occasion, there is one element that needs an upgrade: the location of the Graduation Ceremony.

Graduation should not be in our school gym:

  1. We do not all fit in the gym.
  2. It gets really hot in there with so many people.

Having our graduation outside in the field sounds so nice, but June is a hot month and we would all be sweating, not to mention rain is not graduate’s best friend

Graduation is a special moment for us and we should have it at George Mason University, like the majority of other FCPS schools. The arena is much bigger and all of us and our families will be able to find seats.  

Graduation is supposed to be the day where we all look our best, and we want to feel special when we arrive and see our families and friends watching us on this once in a lifetime moment.

We should enjoy our graduation. Seniors need and deserve a dignified space where they can feel comfortable, move around, and feel like they are truly being honored.

When our friends and family ask us, “Where will graduation be located? “and we say “In our school gym,” it sounds simple and unimportant.

MVHS is  one of only two schools who have graduation at the high school itself. It does not give the graduates the recognition they deserve.

Let’s change it up this year since it is our year for the class of 2018!


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These are the best of times