Vernon Vine

One Day

Ayana Nunn, Staff Writer

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I want to look upon the ground with a smile
With darkness placed in exile
To be able to feel the youthfulness of the trees
To see the purity of the wind’s breeze
Let the luscious taste of freedom
Glisten upon my face
Feel the motherly embrace
From the planets’ blessing grace
Being able to see the creamy clouds in the sky
To sense the earth’s joyful cry
With the ability to leave my laughs behind
Knowing it will reach heavens’ divine
To see life bloom through the earth’s scars
And hear the Sun’s envy
Of mother nature’s love
Seeing the doves
In the sky
Being engulfed by the bright blue atmosphere
With no existence of sorrowful tears
Upon the sunlight’s tenderness
The plants singing their soothing melody
With the life of earth full of high spirit
One day
I wish to leave my footprints
Engraved in the vigorous soil
With a smiling soul
And a lively heart

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One Response to “One Day”

  1. Mrs. N on March 8th, 2018 2:09 pm

    Beautiful poem, just beautiful

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One Day