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Run, Run as Fast as You Can

Colette Fisher, Staff Writer

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Run, Run as fast as You Can


The track and field winter season wrapped up at the end of February and is now in full spring season, which will continue through May. Many runners like to join the team in the springtime because the weather is warmer and the track is better to run on. The Spring weather helps to ramp up team spirit, making the meets enjoyable for the runners, as well those who are cheering them on. There are also rumors that the food for sale is quite a bit better during the Spring meets.


The spring season is composed of many events, such as the l00, 200, 400, hurdle events, relays, field events, and much more.


Trisha Fonseca, a runner for the Mount Vernon track team stated, “My favorite events are 800 meters and the 4 by 800-meter relay. The worst for me probably would have to be the 200 and 100 meter events.


The coed track and field team is lucky enough to have five amazing coaches: Coach Bria, Coach Uccellini, Coach Jones, Coach Sinclair, and Coach Rice. These coaches help build the team with strict and challenging workouts, and although the team may complain and get exhausted, they manage to accomplish the goal for each practice.  


Track Coach, Coach Uccellini stated, “The team is strong and they work hard every day at practices and meets.”


Track and field aren’t like other sports: the way the team competes and is awarded is very different from other sports and can be a bit confusing. There is no winning or losing in Track and Field, and instead, Teams are ranked on how the athletes perform. Furthermore, Track and Field is unique in that it offers a variety of events. For each event that an athlete competes in, he/she is awarded a certain number of points based on his/her performance. In the end, the goal of every team accumulates the most points because it demonstrates their athletic ability and success.


Track and Field is a very diverse, fun sport; however, a downside to the sport is that the meets are time to consume. Regular track meets can take up half a day and invitational are much longer and can take up the whole day.


Mina Butt, a runner for the Mount Vernon track team stated, “I remember I got up at 6 am for a track meet and I didn’t get home until 10.”


The meets tend to be very long due to the numerous events that take place during the competition.


While many don’t consider Track and Field a team sport, many athletes on the team express how most athletes are very close and have family-like bonds. The Track team states that they take pride in their athletes for being encouraging and supportive towards each other.  The members motivate each other to reach the finish line no matter what place he or she will come in.


However, while Track comes with many benefits, the sport can be very hard for most individuals. It’s imperative that athletes come prepared for practice. Athletes must be prepared for the weather and bring extra clothes because according to Coach Uccellini, “the only time practice will be inside is when it’s below freezing or there are sightings of thunder.” Furthermore, athletes must ensure that they stay hydrated and eat enough. The lack of food and water can result in dehydration,  nausea, and/or vomiting for a runner.


Track athlete, Trisha Fonseca states, “Track is really fun and all, and you get to talk with  your friends; which is really fun, but some of the workouts are very difficult and I feel like I’m going to pass out.


Additionally, a current track athlete, Mina Butt stated, “I really love track because I love all my coaches and I get to hang out with all of my friends, but practice is hard and it makes me want to cry.


While Track and Field can be very difficult, the pros definitely outweigh the cons. The Track and Field team has their first meet of the season on March 24. Make sure you out to support this hardworking team!


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Run, Run as Fast as You Can