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Being Latino

Katerin Lopez, Staff Editor

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Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, Colombians, Salvadorans, Hondurans, Guatemalans: they are all Latinos! Not all of them are Mexican and there are many other beautiful countries in Latin America that represent the Hispanic community. Considering that, every country has different cultures and traditions. Although they are all united by the language and the title of being Latino, there are things that distinguish Hispanics from one another. However, all Latinos should feel proud of who they are and from where they come from. Despite the fact that many Latinos come from different backgrounds, most of them come to the United States for the same reason, to have a better quality of life and have the family move forward. It is important for Hispanics or Latinos to accept who they are and prevent any humiliation towards the community.

After an interview I performed along with senior, Janelis Velázquez, I was able to learn more about  the Hispanic community that attends Mount Vernon High School. It is fascinating to see how many reasons there are for Latinos to feel pride for forming part of a strong community. “One of the things that make me proud is that I think about the struggle that my parents and my family had to go through to come here and get the american dream.” Ceramics teacher Ms. Vargas goes into details about her Latina pride. The strength of the Hispanic community keeps them up on a pedestal. Many families leave their home and land with the hope of having a better future and life. That requires strength.

Latinos have been misinterpreted in the media. They shouldn’t be categorized because of the actions of a couple people. They need to be seen as human beings, not a stereotype. Latinos are way more than their stereotypes. Not all Latinos are criminals nor are they illegal. There are Latinos who came to this country legally. Latinos have actually been in the US for ages, according to PBS latinos have been dated all the way back to the 1500s. When Latinos come to the US they come for a better opportunities and to escape dangerous conditions back in their home countries. Most of them have to do labor or cleaning work because they have no other option. Since it’s very hard to get a good job if you don’t know English. So most of them result in doing labor work.

It’s time Latinos unite and fight the stereotypes used against them. Even though we all might not look alike since Latinos range in different skin tones, hair and eye colors. We’re not a “one size fits all” as Ms. Arias said. We are all each uniquely beautiful. Even though it might set us apart from one another we are all united by our language and culture. It’s time the Hispanic community in Mount Vernon High School have a strong representation. Being Latina or Latino is something beautiful that should always be celebrated.

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Being Latino